Adding the contact form

  1. Log into your site editor > Go to ‘Insert’ in the top toolbar > Click ‘Form’ on the left hand side.

  2. Change the shape of the form by dragging and stretching with your mouse cursor or through the height and width fields in the floating Editor box.

  3. Amend the layout within the form by double clicking to enable editing.

Adding form fields

After double clicking on the form, click the grey "+" bar across the lower half of the form. This will open the field menu and give you the following options:

  • Single line text - For short responses e.g. ‘Name'.

  • Paragraph - For longer responses e.g. ‘Tell us about yourself’.

  • Email - Submit a contact email address.

  • Dropdown - Add a dropdown menu to your form.

  • Upload file - Add a button for submitting files. NOTE: Files uploaded must not exceed 10MB.

  • Checkboxes - For selecting one or more options from a list.

  • Radio Buttons - for selecting one option only from a list.

Editing form fields

You can also edit individual fields by double clicking the form, then clicking again to select the field in question. From here you can:

  • Remove the field - With the field selected, click the small trash can icon to delete.

  • Enable/disable required field - If the field is set as required, visitors will need to complete the field to submit the form. With the field selected, tick/untick the 'Required' checkbox. 

  • Change field label - With the field selected, double click on the text e.g. 'Name' to edit the label.

  • Rearrange the fields - With the field selected, drag it up or down the field list until you see a dashed line, then release mouse to drop into position.

Editing form style

  1. Click to select the form > From the floating Editor box click the 'Labels' tab.

  2. Here you can:

  • Edit the label text style, colour and size.

  • Make the label text bold, italic or underlined.

  • Position the labels above the fields or to the left hand side.

  • Edit the submit button style via the 'Submit' tab in the floating Editor.

Adding or changing form email address

  1. With the form selected, from the floating Editor box choose the 'Data' tab.

  2. Add the email address you wish the form submission to be sent to and click 'Apply'.

Pro tip: By default, this uses the email address registered to your account. 

Downloading form submissions

You can also download any submissions that are sent your way.

  1. With the form selected, from the floating Editor box choose the 'Data' tab.

  2. Click the 'Download data' button to open a CSV file containing all visitor submissions.

  3. If a file was attached to the form submission, you can locate this in 'My files' . You can locate your files by selecting 'Files' from the toolbar.

Pro tip: When you do download the form, you’ll see the time when the form was submitted. This time stamp is in GMT and uses our servers as the source.


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