• Go to the site editor and click 'Insert' in the main toolbar.

  • In the left sidebar, click 'Widget Library' and choose 'Cookie Banner' from the 'Apps' folder. The app will be added to the page.

  • Move the app to the top of the page and resize if necessary. NB: Currently the banner will need to be placed individually on every page you want it to appear - it will not display correctly on the Pagemaster.

  • Double click on the app to open the app window. Here you can edit the style and text for your banner.



  • Add a URL to your policy. We have included a default policy which you can keep, but you can also create your own policy using ours for guidance. Create a new page in your site, named 'Cookies Policy' for example, and add your policy details. You can then insert the end of the page URL in the URL field, as shown above. Make sure to include the forward slash!

  • Click 'Apply' and save your changes. You can preview the banner on your site by clicking 'View my site'.

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