Every domain hosted on your Moonfruit.domains account come with up to 5 mailboxes. The LiteMail service we provide includes the following (per domain):

  • 5 separate mail boxes/email addresses 

  • The option to forward email to external email addresses. 

  • Ability to set up with mail clients such Outlook, through Imap and POP configurations.

  • Maximum storage quota: 1GB total (across all 5 mailboxes not per mailbox)

Please note that you need to activate your free Litemail email service from your Moonfruit.domains control panel (login to your Moonfruit account, click on Domains, click on Moonfruit.domains tab then Control Panel tab on the right top corner). For more information about the process click here


Q. How do I access the Control Panel?

From your Moonfruit account while logged in, click on Domains, then Moonfruit.domains and control panel on the top right corner.

Q. Why do I only get one mailbox instead of the 5?
Because you have not yet activated your LiteMail service, for instructions click here.

Q. Where are the activation instruction sent?
The instructions are sent to the account email address (the one we use for all our billing notifications and support responses).

Q. How do I create my email address, access it and reset the password?
From your control panel, for more information click here.

Q. Why can I not see the list of my domains?
That could be because your domains are still being process, get in touch with Support if you have any query.

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