In order for your shop to function, you will need to set up some shipping options.

The options you can set up are:

  • Cart fee: Adds a flat rate charge to the cart, irrespective of its contents.

  • Additional item fee: This allows you to charge an extra amount for each item that is added, in addition to the first. If you choose this option, the amount in 'Cart fee' is charged for the first item, and the amount in 'Additional item fee' is added on for each subsequent item. You can also leave the 'Cart fee' blank, to allow free shipping for the first item.

  • Price range fees: This allows you to vary the shipping cost, depending on the total value of the items in the cart. By default, two ranges are given - '£0.00 to £4.99', and '£5.00 and above'. You can set a charge for each range, and you can add limitless ranges. The 'Cart fee' box can still be used, if required, to add an overall charge to the cart.

To see how each option is set up, take a look through the step-by-step guide below. 

Step 1: Add/edit a region

  • Add - Add a new region via the 'Regions' tab using the '+ Add a region' button. They can have any name, as long as the name contains less than 28 characters, but there is no limit to the amount of regions you can add.

  • Arrange - Dragging the regions to change their order (using the three lined icons) will change the order that they are displayed in on the site itself.

  • Delete - To delete a region, click the X next to the option.

You can toggle back to 'Options' in order to add shipping options to your new regions.

Step 2: Add a shipping option

  1. To add a shipping option to a current region, click 'Add a shipping option' underneath the region heading.

  2. Add your shipping name, which will appear at checkout for customers to select.

  3. Here you can add a cart fee, which is a flat rate for the entire cart order. You can also add additional charges including:

  • Price range fee - Set additional costs depending on the total of the entire cart order. From the dropdown choose 'Price range fees' > Add price ranges and choose the price for each option, then click 'Create'. NB: If you are offering a free shipping option, make sure you keep your 'Cart fee' as 0.

  • Additional item fee - The first item will be charged at just the flat rate but any additional items in the cart will be charged an additional fee (per item). From the dropdown choose 'Additional item fee', add the price and click 'Create'.

The cart will automatically calculate the shipping rate applicable to your customers order. You can test your rates by fully logging out of your editor. 


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