Promo code implementation in the shop allows you to provide broad discounts to your site visitors or to run specific promotions for loyal customers.

NOTE: Promo codes are currently only available when ordering on a computer rather than tablet/mobile.

Step 1: Setting up shop

  1. Click the 'Shop' tab > Select 'Settings' underneath the main toolbar.

  2. Choose 'Promo codes' > 'Add promo code'.

  3. Type a code name. It will appear as a description in the checkout process after the code has been applied.

  4. Add a promo code. This is what customers will enter at the checkout.

  5. Choose a cart discount type:

  • Percentage: This allows you to reduce your customers product cost by a set percentage (shipping costs not included in discount).

  • Fixed Amount: As its name suggests this function allows you to set an exact discount amount.

  • Free Shipping: Encourage purchases with free shipping costs.

Step 2: Setting a minimum spend

  1. Add a minimum spend. If you choose to use this function, promo codes will only be valid once the basket has reached the minimum value.

  2. Click ‘Create’ and your promo code will be saved. 

Pro tip: Promo codes are active by default. If you wish to deactivate a promo code until you are ready to run a campaign, you can disable it by unticking ‘enabled’.

Updating the template 

If you log out of your site and open the ‘Shop’ page, you should now see a promo code field under your product list on the ‘Shopping cart’ page. If you don’t see this, you may have to update the shopping cart template. To do this, select the shopping cart template on the ‘Shop’ page, then click the ‘Update’ tab in the floating editor panel. Now select ‘Update template’. You should now see the promo code field in your shop design.

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