Creating shop categories will make navigating your shop much easier for your customers.


Adding categories

  • From the 'Shop' tab > 'Product List', select 'Add a category'.

  • Enter the desired category name, and tap the Return key on your keyboard (or click away from the text box).


Editing categories

  • Deleting - Select the category from the list, then click the trash can icon. Deleting a category will not delete the products within it - the products will still be shown under the 'Show All' option, and any other categories they have been placed in.

  • Arranging - To change the ordering in your category list, click, hold and drag a category up and down the list. Then drop it into place.


Adding a product to a category

  • From the main product list click, hold and drag the three lined icon next to the product, and drop it over one of your categories. 

  • After adding the product, the category product count will be highlighted green.


Deleting a product from a category

  • Click to select the category on the left > Select the down arrow button next to the product.

  • Click 'Remove from Category' from the dropdown menu.


Linking to your categories

You can link to your category pages in three main ways:

  • Category menu

  • Body text/image

  • Via your main menu

For more information read our step-by-step guides below.


Adding a category menu

  • Go to Insert' in the main toolbar > 'Widget Library' in the left sidebar

  • Click 'Shop Widgets'. Select one and click 'Use this' to embed the menu. The menu will automatically display the categories you set up.


Linking through body text

  • Click to highlight your text, then via the floating Editor navigate to the 'Link' tab.

  • Choose the cart icon and select a category to link to, then 'Apply' changes.


Linking via the main menu

  • Go to 'Pages' > 'Add new' > Choose the 'Link' page type, and click 'Next'.

  • Select the cart icon, choose a page to link to, then click 'Next'. Follow the remaining steps for your link to be added to the menu.

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