1. Log into your Moonfruit portal

  2. Select the site you want to upgrade and click on the 'Edit Site' button.

  3. If there is a 'Migrate to Version 6' button showing in the top left corner of the editor your site can be upgraded. If the 'Migrate to Version 6' button is not displayed your site is already using the latest version.

4. Before you Click on 'Migrate to Version6', DO NOT FORGET to copy any URL(s), link(s), HTML snippet(s) script/code from your v4 website. Once you have moved to v6, you will not have an option to go back to V4 and get these data.

Links -

HTML Snippet -

5. Click on 'Migrate to V6' button.

5. The following pop-up will appear. Click on 'Tell me more' to continue. 

6. The following pop-up will appear. Please read the section 'There are also some elements that may look different' and then click the 'Preview my site' button to see how your site will look and assess the amount of editing that may be required once it has been migrated. Please note once your site has been migrated to the latest version it cannot be reverted to its original version.

7. If having viewed the preview you still want to upgrade your site, please click on the 'Proceed to migrate' button on the top righthand side of the screen. If you do not want to upgrade your site, please click on the 'Keep Version 5' button at the top left-hand side on the screen.

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