Adding a form to your page

  • Add a new section to your page or click to select a current one. You should see a 'Section' tab in the top left of the selected component. NB: Make sure to select the right area - you can read more about the different page components here

  • Within a column, click 'Add content here'/'Click to add content' 

  • Click on the 'More' icon. The file manager will open.

  • Choose 'Forms' and click on the 'Form' option. A default form will appear on your page.

Adding/editing a form field

With the form selected, click on the round + icon at the bottom of the form to add a new field. Select a field type from the 7 options. You can choose one of the following:

  • Single line text box

  • Paragraph text box

  • Checkbox list

  • Radio button list

  • Upload file box NB: Files uploaded must not exceed 10MB.

  • Dropdown menu

  • Link button

To change the field label, double click on it with the form selected, edit the text and tap return to view the changes.

With the field selected you can edit the field in more detail from the right sidebar. Not all options below are available for every field type!

  • Required field - Any required fields will need to be filled in before submitting.

  • Type field - Change field to input text, numbers, an email, phone number, date or time.

  • Placeholder field -  Add some default text to appear in the field box.

  • Inputs field - Choose the number of options available in a checkbox or radio button list. Change the option text by double clicking on the options within the form.

  • Options field - Add new and edit current options available in a dropdown list. In the right sidebar, type a new option and tap Return on your keyboard to add it.

Changing the form style

With the form selected, from the right sidebar you can change the form style:

  • Change the background of the form, and the "required" text colour. 

  • Choose the form text alignment and entire form width.

  • Edit the font style and size for your form fields and submit button.

You can also edit individual form fields. Click on a form field and from the right sidebar you can edit the following:

  • Max length field - Set the maximum amount of characters to be added to a field. This option is only available for 'Paragraph' and 'Single line text' fields.

  • Height field - Choose the height of the field box (in pixels). This option is only available for 'Paragraph' fields.

  • Border & fill fields - Change the colour for the field box border and fill.

  • Shape field - Edit the shape for the box - you can choose to have a square, rounded corner or fully rounded box.

  • Background & text fields - Choose the background and text colour for the single field section.

  • Spacing field - Change the padding around the selected field.

  • Font & size fields - Change the font style and size for the selected field.

If you select the submit button, you can add additional styling including:

  • Action field - Choose whether a button will be used to submit the data, or to reset the whole form to blank.

  • BG & text hover fields - Add a different background or text colour when hovering over the button.

  • Width field - Change the button width (in percentage).

Changing the submission details

With the form selected, from the right sidebar you can edit the following:

  • Inbox field - Add the email address the form submissions should be sent to.

  • Message field - Change the submission message that appears as a popup when a visitor submits the form details.

  • Validation field - Change the text colour of your submission message popup.

Downloading form data

  • With the form selected, from the right sidebar click 'Download data' to download a CSV file of all your form submissions.

  • Click 'Reset data' to delete all previous data stored in the form.

  • If a file was attached to the form submission, you can locate this in 'My files' . You can locate your files by selecting 'Files' from the toolbar.

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