Icons do not have the rectangular edge found on graphic images. You can use icons as a clickable graphic which can be linked to a URL, email or page.

To add an icon

  1. Make sure you have already added a section, column or row.
  2. Select Element on the left sidebar to open the menu.
  3. Click to select the Icon and drag it onto the canvas.
  4. Click to select the Icon element you've just added.
  5. Click on the arrow on the top right to open the right sidebar.
  6. Click on Insert new icon button to browse the Ion Icons or ET Icons .
  7. Select one to add it to the canvas.
  8. Use the options below (link, style, position, animation) to edit the icon.

To add a social icon

  1. On the Left Sidebar, select the Elements option. 
  2. Scroll down to the Social section.
  3. Select Social Icon and drag this to your chosen Column. 
  4. Double click on the Icon presented and you will see additional icons as per below. 

Pro tip: Remember to include the http:// part of the URL, when linking to any URL.

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