Subpages are pages that appear below the main pages in your site navigation. They typically appear as drop-down menu.

To create a subpage

  • Open the Pages menu on the Left Sidebar.

  • Ensure the subpage is position below the parent page (you can do so by selecting the page and dragging it up or down). 

  • Or, create a new page that you would like to be a subpage, or child page to your parent page and position it.

  • Click on the Page (new or existing)  to select it and and drag it to right.

  • You will see the subpage icon and click save.

  • A subpage has the same editing functionality as a parent page, it can be renamed, duplicated, hidden, published, unpublished and deleted.

Tip: You can edit the Pages settings such as the font size, colour, drop down option etc... from the right sidebar.

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