If you have a one-page site or would simply like to link to a specific section on your site in your navigation bar, you can set this up within the page organiser.

  1. Select the section you want to link to and in the Right Sidebar under settings, add a unique section ID within the Settings section. (Ensure you click Save after entering the section ID).

2. On the Left Sidebar Click on Pages in the top toolbar and click 'add new page'.
3. On the 'new page' drop-down menu, click this and select 'new link'.
4. Add the name for your link (this will be what appears in your navbar).
5. For the URL, you'll need to add the URL of the page the section is on and add the section ID at the end in the following format: http://exampledomain.com/pagename#sectionid

6. Save the link.
7. You should see the link appear in your navbar. You can then test the link works correctly.

Note: You'll need to do this for each section you'd like to link to. 

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