Today we have released a change to the way website pages created in our responsive editor are published

Previously, all of your pages would be automatically published and any changes you made to the page would be visible to the public as soon as you hit the save button. Now, when you add a new page, this will be unpublished by default until you are ready for it to go live and you click ‘Publish’. Additionally, you now have the option to save changes to your page without having to make them live immediately. This allows you to tweak a page’s design without having those changes appear on your live site until they have been perfected.

Other related changes:

  • You may also notice new indicator icons in the page manager, these indicators are to help you quickly see which pages are unpublished and which have had changes made to them which are saved as draft.

  • You can now restore previously published versions of your pages. You can learn more about this here.

Known issues:

1) If you have a navbar in the header or footer of your site, when you publish a new page, it will appear in the navbar in the editor but not immediately on the live site. 

This issue is now fixed.

2) If you had a navbar on your site before these changes were released, when adding new pages or reordering pages, you may get some weird behaviour (e.g. duplication) with your navbar links.

To fix: You'll need to delete and re-add your navbar once and then this should not occur again.

Note: We are currently working on fixing these issues. We will update this page to confirm when they are resolved. Thanks for bearing with us in the meantime!

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